Mental Health
Alcohol and Other Drugs
Prevention/Intervention and Education
Adolescent and Young Adult
Services are designed to meet the specific needs of young people with mental health and/or substance use disorders.
Drivers Intervention Program
Our Drivers Intervention Program (DIP) is a 72-hour residential program certified by the State of Ohio. The program is offered as an alternative to incarceration for persons arrested for operating a motor vehicle under the influence (OVI) of alcohol or any other abused drug.

The ultimate goal of the DIP is to help reduce the number of OVI cases in the community by promoting safety through education. Enrollment within our program costs $335.
Education Programming
We provide education and interventions on the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. This class provides the necessary tools and resources for individuals to resist the temptation of the use and abuse of drugs and/or alcohol.
Assessments and Referrals
We conduct assessments that are accepted by numerous courts throughout Northwest Ohio. We employ clinical instruments as well as an in-depth clinical interview to identify and clarify problem areas. Also, we are knowledgeable of other high-quality community resources and make referrals when appropriate, such as the need for in-patient services.